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BusinessCAS™ Advisory Board

Our advisory board is comprised of subject matter experts from campuses across the U.S. These graduate management education (GME) professionals provide strategic guidance and drive the vision for the Centralized Application Service (CAS™) for GME programs. These leaders focus on innovation and collaboration with the Liaison team, and they serve as our connection to the greater GME community.

Dr. Loubna Bouamane
Director, Graduate Business Admissions
University of Miami

Shaun Carver
Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs
University of California, San Diego

Kate Klepper
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs
Northeastern University

Sharon Lydon
Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs
Rutgers University

Dr. Toby McChesney
Senior Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs
Santa Clara University
Chair of the BusinessCAS Advisory Board

Lawrence Mur’ray
Senior Assistant Dean
Fordham University

Erin O’Brien
Chief Enrollment and Marketing Officer
University at Buffalo

Monica Powell
Senior Associate Dean and Graduate Dean
University of Texas, Dallas

Dee Steinle
Executive Director, MBA and MSB Programs
University of Kansas
Vice Chair of the BusinessCAS Advisory Board
Kelly Sugrue
Assistant Dean of Admissions
Brandeis University

Michael Waldhier
MBA & MOL Director of Admissions
Penn State University


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