Introducing BusinessCAS

Liaison International is partnering with AMBA to launch a Centralized Application Service for international MBA schools and programs called BusinessCAS. 

BusinessCAS will offer benefits to applicants, participating schools and the profession as a whole. Applicants can apply to multiple MBA programs through a user-friendly application portal. Schools can promote their programs to a wider national applicant pool and transfer manual verification tasks to Liaison’s capable and efficient team. The profession as a whole will benefit from gaining insight into best practices through analysis of application and enrollment data.

Want more information? Reach out to our Liaison representative Ron Hyman directly at or +1 508-353-8880.

A message from George Haddad, CEO and Founder of Liaison International 

George Haddad, Liaison CEO, describes the transformational partnership with AMBA to create BusinessCAS, a global marketplace among the world’s top business schools and prospective students.

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BusinessCAS Demo

Take a brief tour of BusinessCAS to learn how both business schools and applicants will benefit from this global marketplace.

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BusinessCAS Resources